Top 5 Sales Movie Scenes

Sales based movies are far and few between. When they do come out they are either about car sales, reflect the sales peo­ple as the stereo­type sleaze­ball or the depress­ing Willy Loman tragic sad sac.  But from time to time a scene or two cap­tures our lives and attitudes.

You know them. You talk about them and know most of the lines.

Clearly, cof­fee IS for closers and if you take a dump in a box all you get is guar­an­teed box of shit.

You may have a few that I haven’t included here (let me know) but after a highly sci­en­tific poll of 3 of my golf­ing pals and the bar ten­der, here are the great­est 5 movie scenes about selling.

#5) Noth­ing is more irri­tat­ing than a bad sales per­son. There is so many times I pick up the phone and want to do exactly this.

4) Seri­ously, If we were all only this smooth.

3) Ever have a dumb ass cor­po­rate per­son cost you money? Bet you had this con­ver­sa­tion  — in your head at least.

2) Never take No for an answer — ’nuff said

1) The Great­est Sales Scene ever. Cap­tures it all.

OK, you steak knife using, cold call mak­ing sell­ing machines… what’s your top scenes?

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