Half Time

So it’s mid year.

You’ve cold called the crap out of your dirt, hit the ones you want, called the ones you need, and pushed the ones you know could use your prod­uct and noth­ings happening.

You are so happy.…The wife and kids are at the pool, and com­plain­ing about the heat and being bored doing the same thing every day.   Are you freak­ing kid­ding me!   YOU sit in the office won­der­ing how you are going to get to your nut,  fight­ing off the feel­ing of bag­ging the day, because you’re a sales guy/gal and can.  Or you con­sider pick­ing up the phone and get­ting yet another rejec­tion from a new tar­get, or more fluff from a poser.   So what are you going to do?

Back in the early 90’s I read an arti­cle where an indus­try guy called it “call reluc­tance”.    I call it get you head out of your ass syn­drome!     There’s one thing about sales,  it’s hard.   The other thing is there is a sale out there,..somewhere.  Granted, they may not be the one you want to go home with but it’s bet­ter than being alone.

Here’s an exer­cise:   Line up on your desk:

  • your quar­terly fund report
  • your bills
  • pic­tures of your kids,
  • your com­mis­sion statement

Stare at them for about 5 min­utes, if that long.  If it’s mid year and you’re look­ing good, you should be think­ing, I’m in pre­mium dol­lars for com­mis­sion and this could be the year, or you should be pan­ick­ing,  “I need to get my head out of my ass and make some calls! ”

Suck it up. Do what­ever it takes to get on a call and some­one will lis­ten, try all new tac­tics, get out of your com­fort zone ’cause that’s not work­ing, make some­thing up…but be pro­fes­sional, com­pe­tent, and persuasive.

If you’re not hav­ing a cool sum­mer, you still have a shot at being Santa Claus.

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