Swami’s Thanksgiving

Swami’s Thanksgiving

Time to give thanks for being a sales guy.

Whether Sales is a pro­fes­sion or a trade, no mat­ter how the econ­omy twists and turns, some­body is going to need some­thing sold. 

It’s been that way since the begin­ning of time.  After the wheel was invented the next fel­low hired was a sales guy to get rid of the inventory.

Invent Fire, cook meat on fire. Need sales per­son to move meat.

I have the free­dom to make things hap­pen.  Sure like you, I’m vic­tim of buyer and cor­po­rate actions from time to time, but more than in any other pro­fes­sion we have the abil­ity impact and change our lives, sur­round­ings and incomes.

I am thank­ful I work in a pro­fes­sion that chal­lenges me every day, is hardly ever dull and I will never master.

My vari­able income allows me the option to “up spend’, on occa­sion and I’m not locked into a strict per­sonal bud­get. Plus I make more than most peo­ple in the world and didn’t need a degree from a fancy nancy school or mul­ti­ple years of grad­u­ate school to get there.

I’m way thank­ful I don’t work in a cube.

I’m thank­ful to Ben Franklin for the clos­ing tech­nique he invented.  Although I won­der if he had his way and the turkey became a national sym­bol, would we be eat­ing eagle for Thanks­giv­ing dinner?

I’m really glad that the Fri­day after Thanks­giv­ing is now an offi­cially an unof­fi­cial hol­i­day so I can stop pre­tend­ing to work that day.

I love watch­ing foot­ball over the Thanks­giv­ing hol­i­day (although I have had about enough of the Throw­back Uniforms)

I’ve had the plea­sure to work with some of the best,  most pro­fes­sional sales peo­ple known to mankind.   You know you are in good com­pany when you can learn things from your col­logues on a daily basis and laugh your ass off in the process.

While I’m on it, I’d like to give thanks to my fel­low Swamis.  These guys jumped on board to an idea and what­ever this site hap­pens to be or become it’s sim­ply their thoughts, expe­ri­ences and exper­tise that got it here.  I promise we’ll fig­ure out a way for this sucker to make some money (Quick! some­body buy a Kin­dle from the Swami Store)

All in — there’s not much to bitch about. Everyone’s healthy and while I prob­a­bly won’t make quota this year, I did OK — every­thing con­sid­ered — and, well still have 30 days to go.  

So I still have a shot at it.

And the really great part is it’s MY shot and I get to take it.   Who else can say that?

I’m thank­ful I’m a sales guy, wouldn’t have it any other way.


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