Time to get busy!

What have you done for me lately?   What???

Well it’s that time of year again and with the econ­omy the way it is, it’s been that time of year — all year.

Kudos to the lead­ers that bagged the big one and prayers for the oth­ers that have them on the hook and are try­ing to reel them in, lit­tle ones, big ones, prof­itable ones and ugly ones  plus all those in between.

It’s that time again to take stock , focus on the pos­i­tive, posi­tion for a turn­around, and get ready to take the money that has to be spent, even in a down turn.

Let’s do some math…It’s Octo­ber there’s 30, let’s see,  then Novem­ber, there’s another 15, and then Decem­ber, another 15.

Oh, Oh … Take a deep breath and real­ize the base of what you have left to get the ever elu­sive sig­na­ture is now 60 days.  Sure, you might be able to squeeze out  another 5 or 10 days dur­ing the hol­i­days, but only if you have a con­tract in their hand. Lawyers are noto­ri­ous for delay spray, and good­ness knows they live to tie up any deal and  never work the week between Christ­mas and New Year.  Plus, it not like the lawyers are hurt­ing for billings .

With all that said it is time to take stock, get in the car, jump on a plane, and hit the phones.  Push the but­tons of the power play­ers, call out the posers, posi­tion for a big year end or big year start. Work a win-win for your­self and get hot.

You should have enough pres­sure. Need to max out 401K invest­ments? Have to buy the big wish items for the kids. Lets not for­get a sweet Christ­mas gift for the wife for putting up with your frus­tra­tion and BS all year.

After all she knows you’re work­ing hard, and you need to get paid.  And if mama ain’t happy, you know the rest. (Let’s hope mama’s not in sales!)

Put it together and bring in the big guns to help, every­one wants you to suc­ceed, because if you do, they do. Don’t cash in for Hal­loween par­ties, extra long Thanks­giv­ing vis­its, and an early Christ­mas. Take a hol­i­day after the holidays .

Get up and get out, you owe it to your­self and your fam­ily to put your best foot forward.

There you have it, the year end Knute Rockne speech. Now go close something!

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