Your Best Weapon — Friday

Fri­day after­noons is your best weapon

Yeah I know, we’re sales peo­ple. Part of the great things about our pro­fes­sion is the inher­ent free­dom – which includes the abil­ity to screw off on Fri­day afternoons.

This is so ingrained into our sales DNA that I know a few douch­bag sales man­agers that sched­ule team meet­ings on Fri­days sim­ply to make sure every­one is working.

Fri­day after­noon is by far the best time to prospect.


Here’s one:


That’s why.

At this point in the sales process, your biggest com­pe­ti­tion isn’t the guy who sells the thing that’s just like yours. It’s the 1,279 other sales dorks that are leav­ing VMs and emails and drop­ping off pack­ets on a daily basis. You are in a com­pe­ti­tion for time and atten­tion. Until you get that you’ll never get to the value state­ment on how your prod­uct or ser­vices will rock their world.

Here another:


Most busi­ness peo­ple who are at the level you are try­ing to get to typ­i­cally work at this type of schedule:

Mon­day – Staff meet­ings, team meet­ings, other inter­nal coor­di­na­tion type stuff.

Tues­day – Thurs­day the busi­ness of their busi­ness. Travel to a dis­tant branch, or their own sales and cus­tomer meet­ings, see­ing other ven­dors (not you). Hir­ing peo­ple, fir­ing peo­ple, busi­ness lunches, din­ners, all that crap.

Fri­day morn­ing wrap and clean up those things out stand­ing from the week, per­haps a morn­ing meet­ing here or there.

But by about 2 or 3 on Fri­day after­noon, folks in the office start to kick out early. (Some of them are the gate­keep­ers that are block­ing your success)

Impromptu office stop bys start to hap­pen. Per­haps some­body pops a beer. The atmos­phere is a bit more casual. (hell every­one is wear­ing jeans and sweaters any­way) The shield drops a bit. Peo­ple for­get they’re not sup­posed answer their phone.

Ring … Hello…. Gotcha!

Truth be told, if you’re try­ing to reach a real deci­sion maker most times they’ll appre­ci­ate a real sell­ing ani­mal work­ing on a Fri­day afternoon.

You’ll get your 30 sec­onds, which will turn into 2 min­utes, which you will turn into a secured appointment.

This Fri­day from 3:00 – 5:00 spend the time work­ing the phone instead of work­ing a happy hour. It’ll be the most pro­duc­tive 2 hours you spend all week.

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