Lovin your product — too

Recently, I took the fam­ily to the State Fair. One of the great things about the fair, besides the fried Twinkies and other 1,200 calo­rie per bite culi­nary treats, are the guys that hawk their wares. If you’ve never expe­ri­enced this, it’s like one big trade show for infomer­cial stuff.

These guys and gals have their pitches and demos sharp­ened to the fine razor edge of a Ginsu Knife. It’s the basics of sell­ing and they are a joy to watch.

Every fea­ture has an advan­tage, every advan­tage has a ben­e­fit. Every ben­e­fit is why you can live with­out it. They are excited about their prod­uct. That excite­ment is con­ta­gious. In your whole life, you have never seen so many peo­ple truly jacked up over a non-stick pan. You too get worked up in the momen­tum they build.

You get not one, not two but THREE. All for the low, low price of about 20 bucks.

That’s it, 20 dollars.

What do you think the com­mis­sion is on $20?

What’s the com­mis­sion rate on your prod­uct or ser­vice? Does it cost more than twenty dollars?

That’s the weird part. These guys and girls are more hyped, dis­ci­plined, enthu­si­as­tic and knowl­edge­able on a crummy twenty dol­lar mop than many sales pro­fes­sion­als are about a prod­uct or ser­vice that costs hun­dreds of thou­sands of dollars.

Seri­ously, how many times have you been to a trade show and the sales reps look like death? They’re bored, tired, and prob­a­bly hung over. How many times has that been you?

Do you have the dis­ci­pline to attack your job like some­one sell­ing a kitchen gad­get? At the end of long day of cold call­ing, does your 60th call sound like your first?

There is some­thing to be said to return to a sim­pler way to sell, as Res­cue Me pointed out in part one. Fea­ture, advan­tage, ben­e­fit. Excite­ment. Momen­tum. Pas­sion for your prod­uct and your profession.

The basics — Some­thing to be reminded by from the guy sell­ing the best way to steam veg­eta­bles, ever.

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