The Thrill of the Sale

Twenty-one days into the month and I had zero on the books. Null. Zip. Noth­ing. You get the picture.

How­ever, the sit­u­a­tion was bright­ened with an appoint­ment so I got busy.

Get­ting up early, I did my pre-call research and gath­ered all my materials.

Arriv­ing early, I greeted the par­tic­i­pants of the meet­ing with a smile and some food.

Ask­ing ques­tions, I lis­tened and solved problems.

Hear­ing prob­lems, I put a dol­lar fig­ure on the consequences.

Shar­ing a pro­posal, we worked through com­pet­i­tive options and concerns.

Ask­ing for the busi­ness, my buyer signed the paper­work. This is real – it hap­pened this week.

All these years and the thrill of the sale is still alive. The cur­rent econ­omy whipped all the arro­gance out of me and I really appre­ci­ate busi­ness! My heart was pump­ing when I got back in the car and I called the news into head­quar­ters. Yes! I said to myself. Yes! Yes!

Get­ting a sale is not just fun…it is awe­some. It is why we drive all the miles and read all the books. Some would say it is the com­mis­sion and oth­ers would say it beats hard labor. This is my sport. Never could hit a fast ball or jump that high. I was too skinny for foot­ball. Sales became my life and my national pas­time. The pas­sion has returned.

I love the thrill of the sale – don’t you?

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One Response to “ The Thrill of the Sale ”

  1. betty says:

    god, the thrill of the high. that is one of the rea­sons for all the work. I still remem­ber crack­ing the cold beer on the first sale I ever did and walk­ing to the park across the street and just cel­e­brat­ing — all the hard work, all the late night work, all the effort.

    For one bud light and a smile

    Totally worth it

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