We’re a hand­ful of sales professionals.

We believe that sell­ing is pro­fes­sion, a trade and an art form. Great sales peo­ple aren’t born, they’re made. Con­trary to the stereo­type, It takes hard work, a ton of dis­ci­pline, a good busi­ness mind and the dili­gence to do what many peo­ple can’t or won’t.

We are sales­peo­ple with many years of sell­ing expe­ri­ence. We get up in the morn­ing pickup the bag and go to work We worry about stuff like quota, get­ting the kids through col­lege, and whether the execs in our com­pa­nies will screw up our gigs. We’ve had a few great years, a cou­ple of down years but most of our years are pretty darn good. On aver­age we make in 80th per­centile of most the peo­ple on the planet. (Which isn’t near as much as you’d think)

We get abused by screen­ers that we wouldn’t let our ugli­est cousins date and nego­ti­ate with guys who aren’t half the busi­ness peo­ple we are. But nonethe­less we show def­er­ence to these ass­holes because they hold the key to us bang­ing out the rent.

We’ve been to the classes, train­ing and method­olo­gies. At least half (if not more) of our income is at risk and con­tin­gent on our and our com­pa­nies’ performance.

We do this because we’re too big to be a jockey and too small for the NBA. In short, we’re not qual­i­fied to do any thing else and make this kind of money.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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